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    Antique 1878 Victorian Map of Greater Manchester England, Ordnance Colonel Colby
    • Authentic map of Greater Manchester England published in 1842 by the famous British major-general and director of the Ordnance Survey Office Thomas Frederick Colby.
    • This map is marked number 81 (see top right) and was electrotyped in 1878.
    • Bottom right information: "Engraved in the Tower of London at the Ordnance Map Office, the Outline by A. Baker, the Writing by J.A. Harrison, the Hills by A. Baker & Published by Colonel Colby F.R.S. L&E. M.R.I.A. & c. March 21st 1842".
    • The frame measures 24 X 24" and the map itself 14 X 13". Frame and back are untouched, was probably reframed in the 1950s.

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